Coating-Machine Operator II

Tend machines that apply asphalts.

What does a Coating-Machine Operator II do?

Tends machine that applies asphalt to textile bag material to waterproof material: Lifts roll of textile bag material, roll of paper dipped in hot asphalt, and roll of clean paper onto machine brackets. Threads ends of rolls with asphalt paper inserted between textile bag material and clean paper through machine guide rolls and fastens ends to winding spindle. Starts machine and observes operation to ensure even winding. Glues ends of new rolls of paper to paper in machine and sews end of new roll of textile bag material to roll in machine, using portable sewing machine. When tending machine that applies glue-backed strips of corrugated paper to burlap or other textile bag material preparatory to fabrication of dustproof bags, is designated Padding-Machine Operator.