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Coating and Embossing Unit Operator

Operate machines to size, coat, and emboss fabrics, such as felt or cloth.

What does a Coating and Embossing Unit Operator do?

Operates machine to size, coat, and emboss fabrics, such as felt or cloth: Places roll of material onto feed holder of machine. Threads end through tandem arrangement of calender, sizing, coating, embossing, and drier units. Attaches end to rewind spindle. Turns handwheels to admit steam that moistens material and to admit steam into calender rolls to heat rolls. Fills troughs with specified sizing and coating solutions and turns screws to adjust doctors. Turns calibrated dial knobs to adjust airflow and temperature in drying ovens. Positions and locks engraved shells on embossing rolls. Turns screws or inserts shims to adjust pressure of roller on material. Turns knob to synchronize speed of machines and conveyors. Positions feed guides, tightens guides with wrench, and starts machine. Examines sample run to determine conformity to specifications. May place additional rolls of material into feed holders to produce laminated fabrics.