Coating and Baking Operator

Tend equipment that apply and bake enamel onto fabricated steel products.

What does a Coating and Baking Operator do?

Tends equipment that automatically applies and bakes enamel or other coating onto fabricated steel products: Fills machine reservoir with coating solution, such as lacquer, enamel, or varnish. Starts conveyor or feed rolls that carry products to be coated and baked, through equipment. Sets heating unit at specified temperature and starts pumps and exhaust fans. Feeds products onto conveyor or between feed rolls that apply coating. Examines products emerging from baking unit for conformance to coating thickness and appearance specifications. May mix coating to prescribed viscosity, using viscometer. May gauge thickness of coating to determine adherence to quality control specifications, using dial indicator. May be designated according to equipment or process employed as Flash-Oven Operator; Operator, Coating Furnace; or according to product coated as Coating-Machine Operator, Metal Tags And Signs.