Tend equipment that clean, coat, and dry baking pans.

What does a Coater do?

Tends equipment that cleans, coats, and dries baking pans: Mixes cleaning and glazing solutions according to formula or uses premixed solutions. Places pans in baskets and immerses baskets in stripping and soaking tanks to remove glaze and corrosion. Fills spray reservoirs with cleaning and glazing solutions. Removes pans from tanks and places pans on conveyor that carries pans through sprays that wash and coat surfaces with glazing solution to reduce need for greasing and to protect them against rust. Turns nozzles to adjust direction and pressure of sprays. Transfers pans to ovens that dry coating. Turns knobs to adjust oven temperature according to chart. Removes pans from oven and examines surfaces to detect defects, such as warpage and uneven coating. Tends hydraulic press to straighten warped pans. May tend overhead hoist to immerse and transfer pans to and from tanks, conveyors, and ovens. May load and unload pans from trucks, using handtruck.