Coal Miner

Use heavy machinery to extract coal out of the ground.

What does a Coal Miner do?

Were you one of those kids who always played in the dirt, dug holes, and got yelled at for being a mess when you came home? Well, if you’re a Coal Miner, all that stuff is part of the job.

Coal Miners extract this precious natural resource either by using the strip mining technique or by digging underground mines. In strip mining, Coal Miners use huge excavating machines to move tons of earth, break up the coal with explosives, then remove the coal.

Underground mining gets most of the attention, however. Few people dare to venture underground. It’s one of the most challenging ways to extract natural resources.

Every day, you take a modern mining cart down into the earth, and work with specialized heavy machinery, including drills and hydraulic support systems. You come back streaked with dirt and coal, but filled with the feeling of accomplishment from a good day’s work.

Of course mining is dangerous, but with advancements in technology and the support of a good team, it can be done safely. Working as part of a team is key. Your life can depend on following directions and reacting to changing conditions. You’ll need to keep your wits sharp and your equipment in good working order.

The earth is your challenge. Are you up to it?