Coal Dumping Equipment Operator

Operate locomotives and bulldozers and control conveyors to transport coal.

What does a Coal Dumping Equipment Operator do?

Operates locomotives and bulldozers and controls conveyor systems to transport and pile coal for use in boilers of generating plant: Operates locomotive to haul coal car over unloading bins. Pushes lever of car shaker or car turner to empty coal from car into bins. Starts and controls conveyor that transfers coal to and from bins, bunkers, and storage pile. Operates bulldozers and front-end loaders to shape and compact coal storage pile to minimize possibility of spontaneous combustion. Lubricates and adjusts conveyor systems, bulldozers, and other coal-moving equipment. May loosen frozen coal in gondolas, using steam hose or blowtorch. May collect coal samples for laboratory tests. May tend crusher that reduces size of coal. May operate tugboat to move and position barges for unloading. May read meters and record weight of coal in logbook.