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Help players set goals and hone their game through drills and exercises.

What does a Coach do?

Coaches help individuals and teams set goals and get results. They’re leaders, but they tend to be more collaborative than controlling, more motivational than managerial. As a coach, you do that by creating an environment that supports learning, teamwork, communication, collaboration, discipline, and accountability. Within that environment, you locate the gap between objectives and performance, then develop strategies for bridging it including, for example, mental and physical behavior modifications.

Although the goal of coaching is universal, the practice of it varies depending on what kind of coach you are. If you’re an athletic coach, for instance, you help athletes play their best so they can win their games and competitions. If you’re a life coach, on the other hand, you help individuals reach personal goals, which might include everything from weight loss to financial freedom.

If you’re a career coach, you help people find new careers and land new jobs. If you’re an acting coach, meanwhile, you’re paid to help professional and aspiring actors develop their craft so they can land roles on stage and screen.

The list goes on and on, encompassing everything from executive coach to voice coach to maternity coach. No matter what kind of coach you are, however, you’re a motivator who’s charged with getting people from point A to point B—at home, at work, and on the field.

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