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Co-Executive Producer



Assist the TV series Showrunner in production, and oversee Scriptwriters.

What does a Co-Executive Producer do?

A scripted TV series is a little like a boat: To get from one port of call to the next, it needs a Captain to steer the ship and manage the crew. That Captain is an Executive Producer, and his First Mate is a Co-Executive Producer.

As a Co-Executive Producer, you’re second in command on the staff of a television show, senior to everyone except the Executive Producer, who basically serves as the show’s CEO and is solely responsible for choosing and promoting his Co-Executive Producer. Although you might be a Television Director, you’re most often a Television Writer, which means your primary responsibilities are developing, writing, and editing scripts for your TV show, including storylines, dialogue, and stage directions for Television Actors.

What qualifies you as Co-Executive Producer is the fact that you’re the most senior Television Writer on your team, which means you’re usually the dominant voice in the Writers’ room, leading and managing your fellow Writers while spearheading the overall direction and contents of scripts. When you’re promoted to Co-Executive Producer, you retain your duties as the unofficial ” Head Writer ” while also taking on additional responsibilities as a Television Producer. Those responsibilities typically include liaising between television executives and staff, making design and directorial decisions during production, running the show in the Executive Producer’s absence, and assisting with the daily “business” of the show, including its financing, staffing, scheduling, and operations.

Along with the Showrunner, you’re basically an extra set of hands for the Executive Producer: Not only do you help write the show, but you also help manage it!

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