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CMM Technician

Turn blueprints into models with an automated measuring machine.

What does a CMM Technician do?

A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) takes very accurate, precise measurements. These measurements are used when parts are welded together or taken apart. But, as any Mechanic can quickly tell you, a machine is only as good as the person who operates it. That’s why a coordinate measuring machine needs a CMM Technician, who is responsible for programming, maintaining, and operating it.

CMM Technicians work in factories. When customers come into the shop, they bring along sketches or architectural drawings of the product they need. As a CMM Technician, you translate these drawings into physical models using your CMM machine. When the item is complete, you run it back through the CMM machine to make sure it matches the specifications to the letter.

When items need to be welded together, you use the CMM machine to determine the ideal spot for welding, and you mark that spot for the manufacturing team to follow. Then you perform a quality check on the welded piece to ensure that your recommendation works properly.

When something goes wrong with the CMM, you’re responsible for fixing it. These are incredibly delicate machines, so you need a light touch and a high level of skill. Pounding on the machine with your fist won’t do the trick.

You maintain the machine and update the software on it, as needed, so it’s in good working order at all times, and ready for work at a moment’s notice. You spend so much time with this large piece of metal that you may begin to think of it as your own right arm, although you’ll be discouraged from taking it home with you in the evening.