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CMM Operator

Inspect final products to ensure every product is identical.

What does a CMM Operator do?

CMM stands for “co-ordinate measuring machine.” Each machine works a little differently, but what’s common among them is their goal: quality control. In other words, it’s the job of a CMM Operator to make sure every product that comes off the production line is exactly like the one before it. The CMM Operator is the last line of defense against products that are improperly made.

That’s no small task, so, if you’re a CMM Operator, you use your eye for detail and keen attention to accuracy as you measure each item. Common products range from airplanes to food to pharmaceutical goods.

If you’re familiar with calipers, micrometers, and telescopes, then you have an image of the types of measurements required for the job. While today’s automated machines have replaced much of the hand measuring, you’re still aware of every measurement, what it means, and if it matches the specifications for the item being produced.

You command the machine that takes those readings. So, you know how to program in new directions, reset it for each type of product, and make sure that it’s working properly. Many times, this work takes place in a carefully controlled environment, such as a cleanroom, which requires attention to cleanliness, attire, temperature, and lighting.

As with all technology, this is an ever-changing industry, so you keep up to date on new products through industry journals and seminars.