Cloth Wire Weaver

Set up and operate power looms to weave the wire cloth for products.

What does a Cloth Wire Weaver do?

Sets up and operates power loom to weave wire cloth for products, such as industrial cloths, filters, sieves, or strainers: Reviews specifications to determine quantity, type, and size wire required. Lifts spools of wire, and places them on spindles of creel. Verifies specified size of wire, using micrometer. Fastens wire ends to back beam of loom. Starts beam motor to wind and transfer wire from creel to beam. Threads warp wires individually through heddles, between teeth of comb, and fastens ends to roller. Adjusts spring of loom to required tension, using wrench. Inserts bobbin in shuttle, fastens shoot wire end to roller and pushes switch to start loom. Observes loom operation to detect faulty weaving and wire breaks. Reweaves and ties broken wires, using pick and magnifying glass. Counts mesh of woven cloth to ensure that specifications are met, using pick and counting glass. Removes roll of finished cloth from loom, using electric powered lift. May wind bobbins while loom is in operation. May cut off strip of wire cloth, using scissors or shears for quality control inspection prior to start of production. May maintain records of production and non-repairable cloth defects.