Cloth Winder

Tend machines that wind a cloth from one form to another.

What does a Cloth Winder do?

Tends machine that winds cloth from one form to another to facilitate further processing: Threads cloth from supply truck, bale, or roll through guides and rollers to takeup roll, tube, or rod, or sews cloth to end of leader in machine, using sewing machine. Turns handwheel to adjust width guides. Starts machine and observes cloth to detect irregular seams and torn selvages. Pushes lever to control tension on cloth and speed of machine. Cuts out flaws and combines several cuts of cloth to form one roll, sewing ends with portable sewing machine. Records yardage clock reading on order ticket. Removes full rolls from machine onto handtruck by hand or using hoist. May wrap cloth roll for storage or shipping [ROLL COVERER, BURLAP 929.687-042]. May be designated according to process for which cloth is being wound as Boiling-Off Winder; type of material wound as Carpet Winder; or type of winding machine used as Reeling-And-Tubing-Machine Operator.