Cloth Shrinking Machine Operator

Tend machines that shrink woven or knitted cloth to a predetermined size.

What does a Cloth Shrinking Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that shrinks woven or knitted cloth to predetermined size: Mounts roll of cloth on machine, using chain hoist. Threads end of cloth through tension bars, guide and feed rollers, and through shrinking elements. Observes flow of cloth through machine onto takeup roll, or guides cloth onto shrinking elements to prevent wrinkles and uneven winding, or sets speed of elements according to shrinkage-control guide for various cloth styles. Turns valves or moves switch control to regulate flow of water or steam. May measure cloth width, using yardstick. May tend equipment that preshrinks woolen suiting fabric and be designated Soaker. May sew, using portable sewing machine, or pin cut of cloth to cloth in machine. May doff rolls of shrunken cloth. May tend machine not equipped with water vat and be designated Steam-Pan Sponger. Important variables may be indicated by processes or trade names of machines used.