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Cloth Mercerizer Operator

Tend machines that add silk-like luster to cotton clothes.

What does a Cloth Mercerizer Operator do?

Tends machine that adds silk-like luster to cotton cloth and increases strength and affinity of cloth for dyes: Mounts roll of cloth on machine or pulls supply cloth from handtruck or overhead poteyes and sews end to leader in machine, using portable sewing machine. Turns valve to admit caustic into vats and handwheel to adjust tenter frame clips to maintain tension on cloth and prevent shrinkage as cloth passes through soapy-water spray. Sets thermostat to control temperature of caustic bath. Starts machine and observes flow of cloth through machine units to detect holes in cloth and torn selvages. Cuts out defects, using scissors, and seams ends of cloth. Turns knobs on control panel to synchronize motor speeds of machine units. Adds soap to wash bath as suds are depleted.