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Cloth Finisher

Manage workers finishing cloth, carpets, rugs, and other fabrics.

What does a Cloth Finisher do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in finishing cloth, carpets, rugs, and other fabrics: Schedules finishing of cloth or carpeting according to color, width, and type of finish, to maintain efficient operation. Selects standard formulas that meet customer specifications or uses knowledge of finish ingredients and application methods to develop new formulas. Writes mixing instructions for use by CHEMICAL MIXER. Writes work orders for supervisors indicating specified finish, style, and yardage of cloth or carpeting to be processed. Examines cloth or carpeting to verify that finish meets specifications. Inventories and orders chemicals and supplies from purchasing department. Trains workers in setup, repair, and operation of ranges, machines, and equipment. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title. May be designated according to department supervised or process involved as Carpet-Finishing Supervisor; Cloth-Bleaching Supervisor; Cloth-Brushing-And-Sueding Supervisor; Cloth-Laminating Supervisor; Cloth-Mercerizing Supervisor; Cloth-Napping Supervisor; Cloth-Shearing Supervisor; Cloth-Shrinking Supervisor.