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Cloth Doubling and Winding Machine Operator

Tend machines that fold and wind cloth around cardboard tube for shipment.

What does a Cloth Doubling and Winding Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that folds and winds cloth around cardboard center or tube for shipment: Mounts roll of finished cloth onto brackets of machine, and threads end through guide rollers and over triangular folding device, or joins ends to form continuous lengths, using sewing machine. Places cardboard center or tube on winding spindles and starts cloth around cardboard center or tube. Starts machine and pulls uneven selvages into alignment as cloth is folded and wound. Turns handwheel to adjust folding attachment. Cuts out seams and defects marked by CLOTH EXAMINER, MACHINE, using scissors or knife. Doffs full rolls when specified yardage has been wound. Feeds paper measuring tape into roll when winding cloth that stretches. May tend machine fed directly from another machine. May paste sticker showing yardage on outside of each bolt. May fold special lots of cloth by hand.