Clinical Trial Manager

Set clinical trials in motion by linking up research teams and sponsors.

What does a Clinical Trial Manager do?

Connecting the far-off realm of project sponsors with the kingdom of clinical trials is the Clinical Trial Manager. Without a Clinical Trial Manager to select projects and balance speed with safety, Physicians would waste time researching low-demand medications while putting lifesaving medicines on hold. As a Clinical Trial Manager, you balance the needs of the sponsor with the capabilities of your research team.

The road to a marketable medication is long and filled with obstacles. Violating a safety regulation could lead to heavy penalties, while rushing a drug to market could cause unexpected side effects in patients. You guide a team of Clinical Research Associates who oversee the researchers and Physicians.

As the leader, you divide scarce resources between projects and make last-minute changes as requested by the sponsor. Your Clinical Research Associates turn in reports to show you how the trial is progressing and if negative side effects have occurred. If a trial isn’t working, you may have to pull the plug on it.

The most important part of your job comes when an emergency arises. A patient in the study took a medication that could interfere with the results of the trial, the sponsor wants a deadline changed, or a researcher forgot to report an illness from the medication. You smooth out the bumps and put the trial back on track. It takes a high level of multitasking and organization, but it all pays off when you put new lifesaving drugs on the market.