Clinical Research Nurse

Provide and coordinate clinical research care.

What does a Clinical Research Nurse do?

Clinical research nursing is a nursing practice focused on the care of research participants.

The first phase of a research project is a study or a clinical trial of an unlicensed drug. Clinical research nurses provide and coordinate clinical care, assure participant safety, maintain informed consent forms, and ensure the integrity of protocol implementation. Accurate data collection and recording, as well as follow up, are also important parts of the job. You also frequently recruit patients and help develop necessary tools.

Skills and competencies include dedication, expertise in the research process, nursing capabilities, and excellent communication. Many employers require skills in organizing and oversight or assisting in clinical trials; others require actual studying of diseases or helping create and improve new medication and other treatments.

A bachelor’s degree in nursing is normally the first step in obtaining a position, with advancement to a master’s and possibly Ph.D. in nursing.