Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator

Take a hands-on role in clinical trials as both an Organizer and a Nurse.

What does a Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator do?

Before new drugs and therapy treatments hit the market, they first go through rigorous research and trials on samples of the population. That process is called clinical research. Clinical Research Nurse Coordinators, well, coordinate much of the activity that makes those programs possible.

As a Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator, you’re involved in each project from the beginning. It might even be your job to find a suitable venue for the trial to take place.

That’s no easy task when you consider the possible variations. You might need beds for a sleep study, or a single chair and a blood pressure cuff for another type of project. In fact, you’re commonly involved in two or more studies at the same time.

Your Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator duties also involve lining up when and how each Doctor and Pharmacist will participate. You think it’s hard to coordinate dinner with friends? Just imagine trying to schedule a time where 50 patients, a Physician, and a Pharmacist can all meet.

But those kinds of challenges are what keep your blood pumping. When you’re not booking venues or calling patients, you use your nursing skills to collect and record vital signs, hand out surveys, take readings off an EKG, or draw blood, depending on what the study requires. Of course, in order for the results to be valid, you must always follow protocol and complete and submit paperwork according to regulations.