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Clinical Research Director



Create new medications by organizing clinical trials.

What does a Clinical Research Director do?

Clinical Research Directors are responsible for heading up trials that test the effectiveness and safety of pharmaceuticals and therapies in treating health problems. The ultimate goal for Clinical Research Directors is to bring the treatment to market, but not before they’ve carefully examined how patients respond. If you’re a Clinical Research Director, you help create the trials, ensure that they meet a number of regulatory and ethics standards, and interpret the results.

Your career can take shape across a number of medical disciplines dealing with a range of diseases, from cancer to diabetes. Part of your work involves interacting with patients. Other day-to-day tasks are far less exciting, like fine-tuning protocols for the trials, making every effort to ensure that patients are protected. At the conclusion of the trials, you aim to publish research that lets the world know how effective your treatment is.

If you’re a fan of instant gratification, a career in clinical research may not be right for you. It takes a long time to bring a treatment to market, and there’s no guarantee that your work will even make the cut. But you do get to travel all over the world for clinical trials. And you show up each day knowing that your efforts could have a lasting impact on countless lives around the world.

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