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Clinical Pharmacist

Specialize in dispensing drugs related to a specific area of medicine.

What does a Clinical Pharmacist do?

Clinical Pharmacists, just like any other Pharmacists, are tasked with dispensing medications. But instead of choosing the more traditional route that Pharmacists take, you focus on specific drug therapies for specific patients. You can specialize in certain areas of medicine like mental health, geriatrics, oncology, and nutrition, to name a few.

Under the supervision of a Doctor, you get to work very closely with patients. You spend your days reviewing patients’ files, researching the most beneficial medication route to take, administering that medication, and performing an analysis of the results. On many occasions, clients call you to correct medication errors, and to ask for advice on how to prevent errors in the future. Doctors often choose which Clinical Pharmacists they’d like to work with. Hospitals and clinics employ their own Clinical Pharmacists, but you can also choose to freelance, and make your services available on an as-needed basis to Doctors and the public.

If you like reading about drugs, their components, and how these react with each other as well as outside components, and if you have a natural curiosity about the effects of drugs on various illnesses, then you may be well suited for this career.