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Clinical Director

Handle the business end of running a clinic.

What does a Clinical Director do?

There’s a lot more that goes into running a clinic than just having good Doctors and finding patients for them to treat. Someone has to make sure the Doctors are giving good care to the patients, all laws are being followed, and bills are being paid on time.

A Clinical Director is that person. Clinical Directors oversee healthcare clinics, be it a dental, mental health, or specialized (like surgical or pediatric) clinic. There’s a lot of paperwork in the role of Clinical Director, and you make everything run smoothly by dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

One big thing you do is oversee the work of the Doctors, Therapists, and Nurses in your clinic. This doesn’t mean you’re an expert in healthcare though. Instead, you make sure everyone has the proper certification and education to be doing their job, then provide and encourage them with opportunities to continue their education.

You look over the treatment plan they suggest for each patient to ensure that it follows proper procedure, and nothing is unethical or against regulations. Essentially, you’re there to make sure each and every patient gets the best care that will help them get better the quickest.

When dealing with staff, you might be the one to hire, fire, or train new employees. You set schedules, hold meetings to let people know about policy changes, and serve as a mentor or Supervisor when problems come up. You also create budgets, and plan for the expansion of the clinic.