Clinical Data Manager

Ensure accurate recording of clinical data information.

What does a Clinical Data Manager do?

Clinical data management is a critical phase in clinical research that results in high quality, reliable, and statistically sound data. A clinical data manager ensures the accurate recording of this information.

In this position, you record information on the effects of medication on patients, daily experimental data, and ongoing issues found in a study. Government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology firms use clinical data managers.

Necessary skills include expertise in maintaining the accuracy, integrity, and security of a sizable computerized records system. Also needed is an understanding of regulations, policies, protocols, and procedures to control and maintain accurate records. This position requires screening, grouping, summarizing, transcribing, and coding volumes of information while solving operational or data problems. Excellent communication skills, statistical report writing, and clerical related duties may also be required.

Degree requirement preferences are a bachelor of science degree in a scientific or related field.