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Client Manager



Match your customers' investment goals with your banks' programs.

What does a Client Manager do?

When a person wants to find out what opportunities their bank has for their money, the Client Manager is the one they seek out. Client Managers work in a bank, doing pretty much exactly what their title says: they manage their clients’ money and accounts.

If you’re a Client Manager, you work with people from all backgrounds. It’s your job to know what your client hopes to do with their money, and then match that with the services the bank can offer. You create options for clients detailing the services they can buy from the bank so they can reach their financial goals. These services might include things like loans, investment options, or lines of credit.

Whatever you suggest, you always want to be a trusted advisor for your clients, someone they could call or email with any financial questions they might have. You need to stay aware of any new services the bank might offer, or any problems your clients might face, making sure to know of things like market dips or personal emergencies.

Of course, before you could maintain client relationships, you first have to make them. You might find clients by making follow-up phone calls to sales leads that Bank Tellers have found, or sending information on possible bank services to potential clients who are interested in what you would do with their money. You give presentations, meet with current bank clients who are looking for more options, and attend trade shows-anything you can do to find new clients to manage.

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