Clearance Delivery Controller

Review or finalize the flight details of all planes that leave the airport.

What does a Clearance Delivery Controller do?

Planes come and go, landing only for a brief time to load and unload passengers and cargo. Both on the tarmac and in the air, Pilots weave through the same traffic that hits a San Francisco freeway. To help them safely avoid accidents with other aircraft, they enlist the help of Air Traffic Controllers. A Clearance Delivery Controller is a type of Air Traffic Controller who reviews flight details with the Pilot before takeoff.

Your job as a Clearance Delivery Controller is entry-level in the world of air traffic controlling, so it’s a great opportunity to learn more about how the industry works. From there, you can move into positions such as Ground Controller, Tower Local Controller, or TRACON Departure Controller.

Duties as a Clearance Delivery Controller include communicating important information to the Pilot before she heads down the runway. You confirm routing, relay heading, and authorize altitude information. In addition, you relay radio frequency information and supply each plane with a unique transponder code. It may seem like a repetitive and uneventful job, but you’re the first point of contact in a series of Controllers who make sure the flight goes off without a hitch.

To help ensure that the Pilot has plenty of separation from other planes arriving, flying, or departing, you need strong communication skills, the ability to make quick decisions, a good memory for details, and the capacity to stay focused in a raucous environment.