Clean and prepare subassemblies of firearms for bluing.

What does a Cleaner do?

Cleans and prepares subassemblies of pistols, rifles, shotguns, and revolvers for bluing: Disassembles components, such as barrel and ratchet, trigger and hammer, trigger guard, and back strap. Blows out particles remaining after sand blasting, using airhose. Places parts in rack or wire basket and immerses parts in degreasing tank to remove oil and dirt. Mixes alcohol and whitening powder and rubs resultant paste onto gun parts to facilitate bluing. Wires parts together and attaches them to immersing rod. Blows excess solution from blued parts with airhose. Inspects parts for nicks, scratches, clearness of trademark, and cleanness. Reassembles subassemblies, using screwdriver. May pour specified amount of chemical solution into degreasing tanks.