Cleaner II

Clean interiors and exteriors of transportation vehicles.

What does a Cleaner II do?

Cleans interiors and exteriors of transportation vehicles, such as airplanes, automobiles, buses, railroad cars, and streetcars: Cleans interior of vehicle, using broom, cloth, mop, vacuum cleaner, and whisk broom. Cleans windows with water, cleansing compounds, and cloth or chamois. Replenishes sanitary supplies in vehicle compartments. Removes dust, grease, and oil from exterior surfaces of vehicles, using steam-cleaning equipment, or by spraying or washing vehicles, using spraying equipment, brush or sponge. May polish exterior of vehicle. May fumigate interior of vehicle, using fumigating gases or sprays. May be designated according to type of vehicle cleaned as Airplane Cleaner; Automobile Washer; Bus Cleaner; Car Cleaner; Coach Cleaner; Truck Washer. When cleaning aircraft interiors may be designated Cabin-Service Agent.