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Clay Modeler



Mold clay models of products by following sketches or verbal instructions.

What does a Clay Modeler do?

Molds full-sized or scale models of products, such as automobiles, automobile parts, television sets, radios, washers, refrigerators, caskets, or boats from clay following artist’s sketches or from verbal instructions: Builds rough lumber form to fit around model or centers preformed lath-covered wood frame on grid platform. Kneads clay into slots between laths so clay will adhere to frame. Molds clay by hand to approximate shape. Pulls sheet aluminum forming tool over surface of clay to shape areas that have constant cross sections. Shapes sculptured surfaces, using various types of sculptor’s tools and scrapers. Verifies uniformity and smoothness of curved surfaces with splines and sweeps. Scrapes clay from high areas and builds up and smooths low areas to attain desired shape. Cuts cardboard templates for use as guides to shape symmetrical sections. Takes measurements from completed half of model and duplicates them on unfinished half to make both sides symmetrical. Covers bumpers, lights, door handles, and other parts with aluminum foil to simulate chrome or colored glass.

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