Classics Professor

Teach university students about the Classics.

What does a Classics Professor do?

Classics Professors can recite the works of Homer forward and backward, translate Latin phrases in seconds, and identify architectural styles just by glancing at a column. In short, Classics Professors focus on the Greek and Latin civilizations along with their literature, mythology, and societies. As a Classics Professor, you teach courses in your specialty, whether it’s the study of ancient pottery or in-depth knowledge of Greek mythology.

The classics, as these subjects are referred to, are often the starting point for many studies. Medicine, writing, art – almost any subject taught at a university – trace their roots to ancient Greece, a place famous for its philosophical scholars and many-columned architecture.

With such a wide range of subjects to study, you might have a hard time pinpointing what areas you want to teach. Many Professors rotate, teaching one subject in the fall semester and another in the spring.

To really communicate with your students, you provide lectures or presentations, and assign projects to your classes. Forget typing up boring term papers. Building models of Greek buildings or writing sonnets in Latin proves much more entertaining for your eager pupils.

The focus of your classes is to tie history into modern-day events. You take a subject that might sound a bit dry on paper, and breathe new life into it. This type of passion for educating helps your students earn higher grades and catch the fever for studying the classics.