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Tend machines that press partially assembled parts to complete assembly.

What does a Clamper do?

Tends machine that presses partially assembled and glued doors, window sashes, or furniture parts together to complete assembly: Places part on machine table between pressing rails, starts machine, and depresses pedal to squeeze parts together. Positions glued reinforcing blocks to specified locations of assembly, according to instructions, and secures blocks, using pneumatic screwdriver or nailer and stapler. Releases pressure, removes assembly from machine, and stacks assembly on skid or places assembly on conveyor for further processing. May preglue assembly parts and knock parts together, using mallet prior to clamping. May brush glue on parts prior to clamping. May reinforce joints with staples or nails, using pneumatic stapler or hammer. May be designated according to product as Door-Clamp Operator; Sash-Clamp Operator.