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Claims Lawyer



Handle disputes involving insurance claims.

What does a Claims Lawyer do?

A Claims Lawyer performs the same general tasks as other Lawyers. Claims Lawyers research the law, evaluate the details of the case, work to reach a settlement, and represent their clients in court as needed.

As a Claims Lawyer, you do all this while focusing on cases between an individual (or group of individuals) and an insurance company, employer, or business. You might represent the company against the individual or the other way around. The most common claims revolve around personal injury, worker’s compensation, wrongful termination, and accidents.

When a client faces you across your desk, your responsibility is to gather the facts. This task often requires boiling an emotional story down to factual pieces. You ask questions about the client’s hopes, inform them about their legal options, and evaluate whether the case has validity.

If you decide to represent the case, you gather information, scrutinize the law, communicate with opposing Counsel, consult with your client, file appropriate documents, and try to reach a settlement in the case. If you are unable to reach an agreement, the case moves into the courtroom, where you interview witnesses, present facts, and wait for a verdict.

Whether you represent a single mom who was evicted from her apartment, a wheelchair-bound man who was denied an opportunity to work, or a group of Firefighters who were turned down for medical insurance coverage, your goal is to always keep the client’s wishes in mind. This requires outstanding communication skills, an ethical backbone, and a desire to achieve a just outcome.

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