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Claims Clerk



Interview policyholders and pay-out small insurance claims.

What does a Claims Clerk do?

A car accident, home fire, or jewelry heist can all mean lost money. People take out insurance policies to protect themselves from these unexpected problems. And when the problems do occur, they call a Claims Clerk to recover that lost money.

Claims Clerks work in an office for the majority of their day. When people call to report a claim, you –the Claims Clerk — look up their insurance coverage and determine how much your company is required to pay. You may interview the policyholder to find out exactly what happened and when. You need to keep detailed logs of these interviews in case the policyholder decides to change the story down the line.

You help the policyholder fill out paperwork, if required, and you inspect those documents to make sure they’re complete and correct. If the claim is small, you may process the check and give it to the policyholder yourself. If the claim is large, you submit more paperwork to your boss, after making sure all of the paperwork is complete and correct.

Your job requires a significant amount of customer service. While policyholders have paid for their policies and signed the enrollment forms, they may not truly understand what they’ve purchased and how their insurance policies are designed to work. You’re responsible for explaining the process, and reassuring the policyholders that the money is coming.

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