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Claims Adjuster

Investigate, evaluate, and negotiate settlements for insurance claims.

What does a Claims Adjuster do?

Have you ever gotten in a car accident or dealt with property damage and had to call your insurance company? When you make an insurance claim for property damage, vehicle damage, or personal injury, it’s the job of a claims adjuster to handle the claims investigation to determine the extent of the insurance company’s liability./n/n As a claims adjuster, you can work for insurance companies or independently to handle auto claims and property claims. You’re responsible for claims handling and management, including conducting investigations and evaluating damages. Claims adjusters work in the field gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and analyzing photos or police reports. You also write reports and play a key role in the financial aspects of insurance adjusting including handling subrogation and settlement negotiation./n/n Claims adjusters need to be strong negotiators with excellent problem-solving skills to effectively handle claims resolution. You should be comfortable multi-tasking while working in a fast-paced environment. Excellent communication and customer service skills are important since you deal with many types of people, from attorneys to shaken claimants who may have just been in a car accident. An understanding of legal and medical terminology and the property and casualty insurance industries are also important assets./n/n Most positions require a high school diploma, although a college degree may be preferred. Some states require adjuster licensing, which may include taking a pre-licensing course and examination. Licensing requirements vary by state so be sure to check your state’s requirements.