Claims Adjudicator

Adjudicate claims for benefits.

What does a Claims Adjudicator do?

Adjudicates claims for benefits offered under governmental social insurance program, such as those dealing with unemployed, retired, or disabled workers, veterans, dependents, or survivors: Reviews and evaluates data on documents and forms, such as claim applications, birth or death certificates, physician’s statements, employer’s records, vocational evaluation reports, and other similar records. Interviews or corresponds with claimants or agents to elicit information, correct errors or omissions on claim forms, and to investigate questionable data. Authorizes payment of valid claims, or notifies claimant of denied claim and appeal rights. Reevaluates evidence and procures additional information in connection with claims under appeal or in cases requiring investigation of claimant’s continuing eligibility for benefits. Prepares written reports of findings. May specialize in one phase of claim program, such as assisting claimant to prepare forms, rating degree of disability, investigating appeals, or answering questions concerning filing requirements and benefits provided. May be designated according to type of benefit-claim adjudicated. May act as consultant to board rating disability.