Civil Preparedness Training Officer

Train communities to react quickly to emergencies and disasters.

What does a Civil Preparedness Training Officer do?

A Civil Preparedness Training Officer prepares people to act in the face of disaster or emergency. They do that by instructing workers on techniques for meeting disaster situations. When a tornado ravages towns and cities, thousands of people are left without homes, food, water, and the other essentials of life.

That’s where a Civil Preparedness Training Officer comes in. They help paid and volunteer workers solve the problems before they become disasters of their own.

As a Civil Preparedness Training Officer, you’re part Emergency Responder and part Teacher. You rely on your strong communication and leadership skills to teach others what to do when disaster strikes.

For example, you may teach a group of students the basics of first aid to ensure that injured parties are assessed and treated quickly. Through your efforts, they learn to quickly assess injuries, and determine if they can be treated locally or if immediate medical treatment at a hospital is required. You provide the tools necessary to help save lives.

You coordinate training for federal agencies, local law enforcement, and Firefighters as well. For instance, you may teach local Law Enforcement Officers how to coordinate shelter management, flood protection, and disaster communications. Everyone hopes these skills will never be needed, but if they are, you’ll be personally responsible for saving the lives of many.

Your coursework in education is also essential, as you must clearly identify objectives for each lesson you teach to ensure that the goals and objectives are met. Quick thinking and adaptability are important as well: You need to adjust your lesson plans to fit the aptitude of each student in your class. In addition, you’re responsible for preparing materials and classrooms, which requires organization and a keen eye for detail.