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Civil Litigation Lawyer

Represent clients in non-criminal disputes.

What does a Civil Litigation Lawyer do?

A Civil Litigation Lawyer represents cases involving injury to individuals. Although the term “injury” often brings to mind images of casts and stitches, physical injury isn’t the only kind they handle. Civil Litigation Lawyers also represent clients who have been taken advantage of, treated unfairly, or undercompensated.

Common cases for Civil Litigation Lawyers include car accidents, negligence, class action suits, contracts, or landlord-tenant disputes. Sometimes, these cases are settled out of court. But if you’re hired, it is generally a case for trial.

Trials are often a lengthy process, some taking months and others stretching out several years. The process starts with an investigation of the facts. You interview your client, review reports from the other parties involved, and decide if the case has legal merit.

If you decide it does, you counsel your client through the process. Should they settle? Is the settlement being offered a fair amount? Can the client endure the process of a lengthy trial?

Once you’ve received the green light to proceed, you and your staff delve into the tiniest details of the case. You uncover every police and telephone record, memo, letter, or voicemail message that supports your case. You interview dozens of potential witnesses, gather statements, and prepare your arguments.

You also communicate with other Lawyers, formulate briefs and other legal documents, make filings with the court, and appear in front of the Judge. Then you present evidence and wait for the judgment. Through the entire process, you calm, educate, and counsel your client while striving to argue the legal grounds that will win the case.