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Civil Engineering Professor



Teach university students about building design and construction.

What does a Civil Engineering Professor do?

A Civil Engineering Professor is both a Civil Engineer and a Teacher at the college or university level. Civil Engineering Professors teach their students how to plan and supervise both small- and large-scale construction projects, such as homes, buildings, or highways.

If you’re a Civil Engineering Professor, you have a lot to cover because the field of civil engineering is huge, bustling, and still growing. Cities continue to expand and old infrastructures require constant maintenance and replacing, so you prepare your students for an environment that will demand a lot from them. You teach them the ins and outs of the field, which include design, building codes and guidelines, safe and efficient construction, and subspecialties like environmental, structural, and transportation engineering, to name a few. You also train them on how to play their role in relation to a variety of other Engineers, Architects, and Construction Workers.

As an expert in your field, you play an important role in guiding your students toward the right career choices. Through your efforts, they will be able to find jobs with the government, construction companies, and engineering or architectural firms once they graduate. They can also work as independent Consultants, or teach at a college or university, just like you.

As a Professor, you have some administrative duties as well, like taking care of paperwork and attending meetings. And during the summer, you have the option of providing private consultation services as a practicing Civil Engineer.

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