City Wellness Coordinator

Create programs to improve the health of city residents.

What does a City Wellness Coordinator do?

City Wellness Coordinators focus on improving the health of the community and the employees within their city. They use their planning and leadership skills to lead the community to physical and mental well-being.

As a City Wellness Coordinator, you spend the majority of your time researching and brainstorming. General health needs are your first priority, and you determine the crucial steps a city must take to meet them. For example, you might coordinate the building of a new community health center or encourage pharmacies to offer flu shots more often.

Once you’ve coordinated your city’s healthcare system, you evaluate more specific problem spots and decide how to tackle them. Helping people quit smoking or promoting healthier diets to lower obesity might be some of your primary goals as a City Wellness Coordinator.

Of course, to get your ideas off paper and into reality, you need the help of community organizations and businesses. You spend hours in your office emailing and calling Human Resource Directors and health center workers for ideas. You might hire a Graphic Designer to print brochures on good grocery shopping habits that you could pass out at supermarkets, or you might work with companies to promote a quit-smoking program for their employees.

All of this ends at the evaluation stage. You assess current programs, modify them, and move on to new goals. Though it involves a lot of paperwork and budget evaluation, you help a city raise its quality of life.