City Supervisor

Plan and implement programs for a city.

What does a City Supervisor do?

If you conduct a poll and ask each resident of a city what goals the city should focus on, you’ll get a wide range of answers. Some might say schools, others might suggest dog parks, and a select few might ask for public schools for their poodles. Keeping a diverse set of residents happy takes planning and hard work. And that’s where a City Supervisor comes in. Working closely with the Mayor and others, you develop and implement plans for a city’s future.

The Mayor has likely been swept into office on a wave of promises. If you’re City Supervisor, in your first meeting with the Mayor, you both determine which promises are realistic goals for the next few months. Then, you meet with the City Manager to outline the goals and set up deadlines. The City Manager implements the plans, but you step in from time to time to check on the progress.

The City Council may hold meetings once a week or once a month, and as the City Supervisor, you’re expected to attend each meeting. You develop reports outlining the programs you’re monitoring, and you listen to feedback from the City Council Members and other visitors who attend the meetings.

Small meetings might also help you explain your programs, so you attend picnics, parades, craft club meetings, and any other community event you can find. If people have questions about how the city functions, it’s your job as the City Supervisor to take the call and offer information and advice.

Companies can bring jobs and money to your community, so you work hard to recruit new businesses to your city. The Mayor and other government officials may offer tax breaks or cheap land, and you present these offers to the businesses with fingers crossed.