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City Council Representative

Enact laws and make decisions that benefit the city.

What does a City Council Representative do?

Always involved in your community, you care about where the city’s money goes and how effective the city’s laws are at protecting you and you neighbors. Campaign for a spot as a City Council Representative and you’ll have a direct say in passing laws, budgeting funds, and preparing for the future.

Though they don’t have the same level of control as the Mayor, City Council Representatives nevertheless are the voice of the city. As a City Council Representative, when you’re not in your office, you’re out and about talking to concerned citizens about issues to discuss at the next city council meeting.

During normal work hours, you bounce back and forth between answering emails in your office, speaking with other Politicians on upcoming legislation, and attending meetings to discuss pressing matters concerning the city’s budget.

Budget plays a vital role in your daily work as a City Council Representative. That’s because it takes money to turn good ideas into reality. Installing more traffic lights or funding music and arts programs at public schools requires you to shuffle limited funds to the most pressing issues. You deliver speeches to both the community and your fellow council members to convince them why your idea is the best solution to the problem.

Your most valuable skill as a City Council Representative is seeing beyond the immediate future. Remodeling the library is high on your to-do list, but if the funding for that would mean less money for nonprofit organizations, you might need to rethink your plan. Citizens rely on you to know what’s going on and to make decisions that benefit the community.