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Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert



Hold high-level certification in managing complex computer networks.

What does a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert do?

A Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert is a Network Engineer who has achieved one of the highest distinctions in the information technology industry. Awarded by Cisco Systems, this certification is given to those who’ve demonstrated their expertise in the planning, preparation, operation, monitoring, and troubleshooting of complex computer networks. This is sort of like the Mount Everest for Network Engineers: CCIE certification is achieved by less than one percent of the world’s networking professionals.

As a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, you’re employed, like other Network Engineers, in a company’s IT department, where it’s your job to set up and maintain the computer networks employees use to access intranets and the World Wide Web. Your daily responsibilities therefore include installing and configuring the hardware and software needed to run the network, including routers, firewalls, and servers. Additionally, you fix problems-day or night-when the network shuts down or malfunctions.

In a small office with only one location, that’s an easy job. In the case of a multinational corporation with many offices and many layers of infrastructure, however, it’s an extremely complicated task.

What separates you as a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, therefore, isn’t what you do. It’s the level at which you do it: You’ve proven that you’re up to the most difficult networking tasks, which means you have access to more and better-not to mention higher-paying-job opportunities.

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