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Circulation Manager



Increase the readership of a magazine or newspaper.

What does a Circulation Manager do?

A captivating news story or enticing fashion article is useless without readers to enjoy it. From magazines to newspapers, all print and e-publications need a Circulation Manager to herd all that knowledge for the benefit of eager minds. Competition between magazine and print companies remains fierce, and it is the Circulation Manager’s job to snag a loyal and ever-expanding fanbase of subscribers.

As a Circulation Manager, you offer promotions such as discounts, free trial issues, and special membership rewards to attract new customers. It’s a fast-paced job that has you competing head-to-head with other big names in the field. You need research and creative-thinking skills to outsell the competition.

First, you look at your current readers and collect data to determine which sales methods are working best. This data is also crucial for finding out who your readers are, what they like, and what forms of marketing attract their attention. Sports lovers don’t want an offer for a free handbag if they subscribe, and, likewise, fashion readers don’t want you to send them a free football jersey.

After you’ve gained new customers, you revisit your marketing strategy to fix problems. Even a once-flawless plan can crash and burn as times change. Downturns in the economy, for example, may require you to lower magazine prices if you want to keep readers on board.

It’s your responsibility to navigate the ever-changing world of marketing. From deciding how to print and deliver magazines to updating lists of subscribers, you keep clients happy and publications circulating.

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