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Circular Sawyer Helper

Feed and off bear saws to assist the operator in cutting slate slabs.

What does a Circular Sawyer Helper do?

Feeds and off bears diamond circular saw to assist operator to cut slate slabs: Removes slate slab from truck bed and positions slab on machine bed, using electric crane. Measures and marks dimensions on slab, as directed by saw operator, using tape measure and grease pencil. Raises slab from machine bed, using crowbar, and places blocks and wedges under slab to level and support stone during cutting process. Pushes turntable mounted on machine bed to align slab with cutting marks for preliminary cut and each succeeding cut. Examines cut edge of stone for defects, such as splits or fractures. Lifts cut slabs from machine, assisted by operator and places slabs onto pallet. Places waste stone in waste bin or stacks stone for splitting into flagstone. Washes stone chips and dust slabs and work area, using water hose.