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Circuitry Negative Inspector

Inspect and touch up defects on negatives.

What does a Circuitry Negative Inspector do?

Inspects circuitry film negatives for conformance to specifications and touches up defects on negatives to prepare negatives for use in printed circuit board fabrication: Compares size and location of hole images on circuitry negative with drilled holes in sample PCB panel to verify conformance of negative to specifications, using light table. Examines circuitry negatives to detect defects, such as under-exposure or over-exposure of negatives, circuitry width, and spacing, using light table and microscope. Fills nicks, scratches, and gaps in circuitry pattern on negatives with pen or plastic tape, removes excess ink from negatives with cotton swab, and cuts flaws and excess film from circuitry negatives to correct and prepare negatives for use in PCB fabrication, using utility knife. Measures circuitry negative for conformance to specified dimensions, using precision-measuring instruments.