Circle Beveler

Tend machines that grind and polish beveled edge of circular-shaped glass.

What does a Circle Beveler do?

Tends machines that grind and polish beveled edge of circular-shaped glass for mirrors: Reads work ticket to determine dimension of bevel required. Pulls switch to start suction pump. Holds glass against suction-head and depresses pedal to activate suction that holds glass to be beveled. Pushes suction-head assembly toward horizontally mounted grinding wheel and releases locking pin to secure assembly at specified position. Repeats procedure for second suction-head assembly mounted on opposite side of grinding wheel. Pulls switches to start grinding wheel and suction-heads rotating. Turns valves to start flow of water to grinding wheel. Lowers weighted levers that move and hold glass against grinding wheel. Measures depth of bevel periodically, using rule. Removes glass from beveling machine and mounts glass on suction-head of bevel polishing machine. Applies polishing compound to felt polishing wheel, using bristle brush. Lowers weighted lever to position beveled edge of glass against polishing wheel. Wipes bevel with fingers and inspects glass for smoothness.