Cipher Expert

Use math to create secret codes that keep important information safe.

What does a Cipher Expert do?

A Cipher Expert is a type of Mathematician who encrypts information in order to keep it hidden from unsafe eyes. Encrypting is like creating a secret code-one that only the person with the key to the code can read. Of course, Cipher Experts use more complicated methods than the typical decoder ring you’d find in a cereal box.

Spy movies always have that character who can hack into a code quicker than their fingers can move on the keyboard. As a Cipher Expert, your encryptions will more than likely prove better than the standard Hollywood model, and it’ll take days, months, or even years to work them out.

You use mathematical formulas and algorithms to create systems that disguise information as a gibberish of letters and numbers. Your theoretical math skills come into practical use as you harness algebraic and logical equations to create these formulas. You research previous and well-known codes to form foundations to create your own varieties. In order to make a good cipher, you’re inventive and, most importantly, original, as a code that someone else has heard of can be broken into easily.

Military, government, and financial organizations transport secret information across the world every day, and they must make sure that important conversations or data are not intercepted. It’s not uncommon for Spies to try to tap into data to gain dangerous information. Your encryptions protect military plans, advancements in technology, and information on protected witnesses that should not be seen by public eyes.