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Cinematic Artist



Produce graphics that make video games flow like a movie.

What does a Cinematic Artist do?

A Cinematic Artist works on video games, collaborating with an art team to create background scenes within a game’s world. Specifically, as the title suggests, Cinematic Artists take care of the cinematic elements of the game, meaning they make it look like a movie, they ensure there is a coherent flow of action and aesthetics between and throughout all scenes.

If you’re a Cinematic Artist, this is your chance to put all of that extensive knowledge of WoW to good use. What do the scenes in the game look like? How do the characters interact with their surroundings? It will be up to you to create that world and make it look as real, yet out of this world (if that’s what’s asked of you) as can be.

It’s not just hours spent hooked to your console that give you the experience needed for the job. Films are a great background to have. As the Artist for these worlds, you should have a strong sense of composition, editing skills, as well as some understanding of storytelling and cinematography.

This is a demanding job, with a demanding skill set, but it’s a lot of fun too. You’ll get to work with Game Designers, Programmers, Animators, and other Game Artists to create the next big gaming phenomenon. You can put your artistic skills to work drawing a storyboard of sequences and use your technical skills to push the limits of the game engine.

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