Cigarette Tester

Test cigarettes and wrappers to ensure the products conform to standards.

What does a Cigarette Tester do?

Tests cigarettes and cellophane wrappers to ensure that products conform to company standards, according to following methods: Feeds sample from cigarette-making machine into hopper of weight recorder that tallies weight of each cigarette and totals number of each weight. Computes average weight of cigarettes in sample and compares average weight with standard to determine deviations. Slits cigarette paper, dumps tobacco into container, and places container in electric moisture meter to obtain moisture content [MOISTURE-METER OPERATOR 529.687-162]. Weighs tobacco from specified number of cigarettes and places tobacco in agitator equipped with series of screens to separate shreds according to size. Weighs separate tobacco and determines percentage of each size of shreds in single cigarette, using conversion table. Removes cellophane wrapper from cigarette pack and tests resistance to air by slipping wrapper over suction device of instrument that draws air through wrapper and indicates amount of airflow. Records test finding, date, and machine number from which samples were taken.