Cigarette Packing Machine Operator

Tend machines that form packages; fill, wrap them and attach stamps.

What does a Cigarette Packing Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that forms cigarette packages, fills packages with cigarettes, wraps packages with cellophane, and attaches stamps: Pulls lever to lock tray of cigarettes over hopper and removes bottom of tray to allow cigarettes to fall into hopper. Fills label hopper and stamp hopper, and pours paste into receptacle. Places spool of paperbacked foil on spindle and threads foil through rollers and guides. Starts machine and inspects packages for defects in folding, centering of labels, or gluing of stamp and wrapper. Cleans machine, using brush, and turns thumbscrews to adjust guides and rollers. May tend machine with cellophane-wrapping attachment [CELLOPHANE WRAPPER, MACHINE].