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Tend machines that churn processed shortenings and margarines.

What does a Churner do?

Tends one or more machines that churn processed shortening and margarine to obtain specified viscosity of mixture: Observes flow of stock in churner to avoid spilling. Adjusts valves to control and direct overflow into reprocessing tank. Starts machine to churn mixture, stops machine when specified viscosity is obtained, and opens valves and starts pump to transfer mixture. Adjusts governor to regulate speed of pump that transfers product into packaging machines. Collects and weighs sample of shortening at prescribed intervals to determine amount of nitrogen gas or air content in batch, using balance scale. Notifies VOTATOR-MACHINE OPERATOR to add or delete nitrogen gas, according to weight standards. Adjusts valves to keep specified temperature in churner. Observes pressure and temperature gauges, and records readings. Cleans equipment and lines, using pressurized steam and nitrogen gas.

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